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Semi Inground Pools FAQs

Included with installation: 

  • Excavation of the site up to 24” from the highest point 
  • Piling the excavated dirt within 25 feet of the pool site 
  • Erecting the pool according to the manufacturer’s specifications and within 2″ of level 
  • Providing paver stones as an adequate foundation for pool equipment 
  • Rough back-filling to the initial grade of the yard 
  • Installing the pump and filter system, including plumbing within 10 feet of the skimmer 
  • Placing equipment location on the low side of the pool and installing within 10ft of the skimmer 
  • Providing a concrete footer on oval and freeform pools 
  • Providing optional features such as top rails, steps, heat pump, heater, LED lights, covers, and sanitization systems 
  • Installation includes travel up to 30 miles from any showroom. Each mile outside that (up to 120) miles will be charged $3/mi one-way. 

Not included with installation: 

  • Electrical material or hookup 
  • Rock, excess dirt, and sand removal 
  • Permits and survey fees 
  • Gas line plumbing 
  • Landscaping 
  • Water 
  • Trash haul-off 
  • Assembly of portable ladder and accessories 
  • Removal or installation of fence panels, posts, or temporary fence barriers. 

Ideally, we would like under a 3.5ft slope over the course of the pool to allow for a perfect installation.

The average lifespan of a liner is between 7-10 years with proper care.

Absolutely, we have a finance option that will finance even the 3rd party services. HFS will loan up to 500k for a home improvement project.

This is a flat 4 ft depth pool, ideal for relaxing, play and swim. For a deep end we will have to move to one of our in ground programs