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Above Ground Pools

Above Ground Pools

Looking for a fun and budget-friendly way to enjoy the summer sun? Above-ground pools are the perfect solution! These pools offer all the fun and relaxation of a traditional pool, without the hassle and commitment of an inground pool. With easy setup and takedown, above-ground pools are ideal for seasonal use or for those who don't want a permanent pool in their backyard. From classic round pools to stylish oval shapes, there's an above-ground pool to suit every space and taste. Don't wait to make a splash this summer - shop online or visit us in Oklahoma City, Norman, Tulsa, Rogers, and Fort Smith!

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Understanding Pool Structures

The G systems breaks down pool type by material


Steel Structure

Galvanized steel wall, frame, and components

G1 - Steel Structure

Steel Structure +

Galvanized steel wall and components with stainless steel service panel

G2 - Steel Structure +

Aluminum Return Panel

Galvanized steel wall and components with aluminum service panel, extruded resin top rail

G3 - Aluminum Return Panel

Aluminum Wall

Aluminum wall including service panel, steel components, with injection molded resin top rail

G4 - Aluminum Wall

100% Resin Structure

All Aluminum wall and components and/or molded resin components

G5 - 100% Resin Structure

100% Resin Structure +

All resin components eliminating any rust, corrosion, and oxidization

G6 - 100% Resin Structure +

Installing Your Above Ground Pool

Galaxy offers above ground pools that are easy to set up and take down. There are a variety shapes and sizes available, let us help you find the perfect Above Ground Pool for you!

Pool Accessories