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Hot Tub Services

Hot Tub Services

Enjoy worry-free spa time when you take advantage of the reliable services offered by Galaxy Home Recreation! Our team of experts have years of experience maintaining hot tubs to keep them running smoothly. Whether it's basic repairs or complex maintenance work, we got your back.


Are you looking for a reliable hot tub repair service to keep your hot tub running in top condition? Whether you need basic repairs or complex maintenance work, finding the right team of experts is key to keeping your hot tub running smoothly. At Galaxy Home Recreation, we believe that no one should be without access to safe and enjoyable spa time, so we provide professional services backed by years of experience.

Cover Replacement

Does your current hot tub cover need an upgrade? Give it a makeover with our wide selection of custom-fit covers! From marine-grade vinyl to all-weather material, we have the perfect fit for you. Get started on keeping your hot tub warm and secure today!

Sanitizer Replacement

Do you want to ensure your hot tub remains clean and safe while also enjoying hassle-free maintenance? Galaxy Home Recreation is here to help! We offer convenient and reliable hot tub sanitizer replacement services so that you can rest easy knowing your hot tub water is always healthy and crystal clear. With our comprehensive options, we guarantee you’ll have peace of mind throughout the entire process.

SmartTub Upgrade

Galaxy Home Recreation is here to help with our comprehensive SmartTub™ installation services. Control your Jacuzzi or Sundance hot tub right from your phone or Smart Home device. Send real time alerts and diagnostics, change your hot tub temperature, and control energy savings remotely.

Cal Connect Upgrade

At Galaxy Home Recreation, we understand the importance of finding reliable and experienced professionals to handle installation. That's why our team provides Cal Connect Installation Services. Connect your Cal Spas hot tub to your smart phone and be in complete control anywhere, anytime.

Hot Tub Relocation

Do you need to move your hot tub to another area of your home or property? Schedule an appointment with Galaxy Home Recreation for reliable and safe hot tub relocation services. Our experienced hot tub movers will ensure that the transition is both safe and efficient, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Hot Tub Services FAQs

As a reminder, Galaxy’s worry-free guarantee covers all warranty and non-warranty work for the first 180 days of ownership. Each service trip during and after the first 180 days of ownership has a $129 trip fee (subject to change) with an extra mileage fee of $3 per mile one-way if you are located outside 30 miles from your nearest showroom. During your worry-free guarantee period (first 180 days of ownership), parts and labor will be covered by the $129 trip fee (subject to change). When labor is covered under warranty you will not be charged for return visits or hourly labor charges to repair the warrantied part. For service and warranty claims after the first 180 days of ownership, parts and labor will be charged.

Galaxy is proud to offer our Worry Free Guarantee on most of the products you purchase from us.

What is our Worry Free Guarantee?

  • This guarantee is in addition to any manufacturer warranties AND guarantees the workmanship of our network of installers.
  • If your product is eligible the coverage period for non-pools is 180 days and for pools it is the same swim season as your installation or 180 days, whichever comes first.
  • If a qualifying event (such as a manufacturer defect) occurs during your Worry Free Guarantee period, you can have the peace of mind that Galaxy will fix it at no cost to you.

As a reminder, please make sure you have fully assessed and used your product within the Worry Free Guarantee period to take advantage of our guarantee. Anything reported after this period will be subject to service fees and mileage if applicable.