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CalSpas® Chill Spa Plus


Product Highlights

Capacity: 1 people
Seating: Lounge
Jets: 10
Volume: 128 G
Size: 34" x 95.25" x 29"
Weight (Empty): 560 lbs
Weight (Filled): 1,600 lbs

Galaxy Price $9,499

Retail: $16,149

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Delivery includes:

  1. Delivery of hot tub to ground level (up to 30”) or through one ground level doorway.
  2. Electrical hook-up and fill if an electrician has run the wiring properly.
  3. Delivery within 120 miles of our retail stores. (Our delivery fee is $3 per mile over 30 miles, one way.)
  4. Attachment of any accessories purchased from Galaxy.

Delivery does NOT include:

  1. Supplying electrical work or material to bring power to the hot tub location.
  2. Difficult to access location (fence removal, decks, rock walls, stairs, etc)
  3. Hauling off of any existing hot tubs.
  4. Does not include the use of a crane or material handler/forklift.
  5. Does not include hot tub pad (concrete, wood deck, pavers or portable pad) that is needed to place hot tub for delivery

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Product Description

Cold Plunge Tub & Hot Tub Combo – All-new Ice Therapy

The Chill Spa by Cal Spas, introducing an innovative ice therapy that will revolutionize your wellness regimen. Crafted with state-of-the-art technology and an unwavering commitment to excellence, The Chill Spa stands as the ultimate resource for athletes, fitness devotees, and individuals in pursuit of the invigorating advantages of ice therapy.

Cool down to 39 degrees

What truly distinguishes the Chill Spa is its extraordinary ability to cool down to as low as 39 degrees Fahrenheit, eliminating the necessity for excessive ice and making it an ideal sanctuary for cold water therapy. Cold water therapy offers a multitude of benefits, such as reducing inflammation, improving circulation, and expediting muscle recovery – a real game-changer for athletes and wellness enthusiasts.

Warm up 104 degrees

The Chill Spa can effortlessly warm up to a soothing 104 degrees Fahrenheit, delivering all the comforts of a conventional spa. Investing in a Cal Spas Chill Spa translates to investing in your health and relaxation, ensuring you have a versatile and efficient solution for both cold and hot hydrotherapy at your fingertips. Experience the revitalizing potential of the Chill Spa and revolutionize your wellness routine today.

Chill Spa Plus Specs

Electrical: 120V
Volume: 128 G
Dry Weight: 560 lbs
Filled Weight: 1,600 lbs
Jets: 10
Filtration System: 15 Sq. Ft.
Lighting: (1) 5" Multi Color Light (4) LED Lights
Length: 34"
Width: 95.25"
Height/Depth: 29"
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You’ll probably spend more on your daily cup of coffee. Hot tub costs can differ based on climate, model, and usage, but typical monthly electrical costs are in the $10 to $20 range. Plus, when you buy a hot tub that uses quality materials and the latest technology, you’ll save on maintenance, energy costs, and the expense of replacing costly salt water hot tub systems in the long run.

The prices shown on this website reflect MSRP, but your local dealer offers different pricing, packages, and promotions based on bulk buys and often pass the savings on to you. Contact us for the most current deals.

You need to have a proper foundation and meet any electrical requirements. Your Jacuzzi® authorized dealer will walk you through the process and connect you with an expert to install your hot tub. See what to expect in the video below.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure installation and setup goes smoothly:

Check your HOA, city, and county rules and obtain any permits necessary.
Decide on a foundation that supports your hot tub, ensures proper drainage, and looks good.
Choose the perfect location, and remember to leave room for maintenance and entertaining.
Keep our Pre-Installation Checklist handy for reference.

Thanks to advanced water management and filtration systems, hot tub maintenance is easier than ever—routine tasks take just a few minutes a week. When we surveyed current owners about basic hot tub maintenance, nearly all of them said it was easy! Here’s a quick summary of how to maintain a hot tub:

Water: Check the chemical levels weekly with test strips and adjust them by adding the appropriate products per your owner’s manual—no chemistry expertise necessary. Drain and refills are only needed every 3–4 months, based on use.

Filter: Rinse and clean filters with a garden hose or filter flosser once per month. Replace as needed.

Cover: Use a cover to help keep your water warm and clean. It will protect your hot tub from debris and weather elements.

“Love our tub. It’s so easy to take care of!”

–Jenny, Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Industry research shows that more than 76% of owners use their hot tub at least two times per week. Another survey found 98% of Jacuzzi® Brand hot tub owners would recommend purchasing one to their friends and family. Current owners will certainly tell you it’s worth it!

“This was a great buy, my whole family is enjoying it. Soon it will be filled with many friends and neighbors.”

–Dale, Hudsonville, MI

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