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Swim Spa Services

Swim Spa Services

Don't miss out on a single moment of swim spa relaxation and recreation! Our experienced and professional team of experts guarantees top-notch service to keep you worry-free every time. We are your go-to team when it comes to repairing and maintaining a pristine swim spa. Get started today with unbeatable swim spa maintenance from Galaxy Home Recreation!

Swim Spa Relocation

Looking for a reliable, safe way to transport and relocate your swim spa? Galaxy Home Recreation has got you covered with our professional swim spa relocation services. With years of experience handling this type of move, we understand the importance of protecting your investment and taking every step necessary to ensure its safe delivery to its new home.

Cover Replacement

Don't let your swim spa get left out in the cold! Upgrade your cover today. Our selection of superior covers include marine grade vinyl and rollaway options, tailored to meet all your needs. Don't wait - contact us now for more information on how we can keep you covered!

Cal Connect Upgrade

Get ready for the ultimate in hot tub luxuries! Galaxy Home Recreation makes it possible to control your Cal Spa swim spa right from your phone or Smart Home device. Imagine being able to receive real time alerts and diagnostics, set temperatures with ease, and save energy - all while never getting off the couch!

SmartTub Upgrade

Get ready for a revolutionary hot tub experience with SmartTub™ installation services from Galaxy Home Recreation! With the latest technology, you can enjoy convenient control of your Jacuzzi swim spa right at your fingertips. Set unique alerts and temperature settings as needed to ensure optimal energy savings – all in real time!

Sanitizer Replacement

Enjoy clean and safe swim spa maintenance with Galaxy Home Recreation! Our comprehensive options make it easy for you - no hassles, just crystal clear water. With our reliable sanitizer replacements services, your whole experience will be stress-free so that all you need to worry about is relaxing in your pristine paradise!


Get your swim spa up and running again with the reliable experts at Galaxy Home Recreation! With years of experience, they provide top-notch service to ensure that you can enjoy stress-free spa time without worry. Don't miss out on a single moment - get started today learning how our team of professionals can keep your swim spa in perfect condition!