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Inground Pools FAQs

Yes. You can have a 6ft or 8ft deep end.

We offer the following types of swimming pools:

Concrete Swimming Pools
Fiberglass Swimming Pools
Vinyl Swimming Pools

Yes! All of our inground swimming pools are offered as turnkey projects. This includes full installation with a minimum of 3 feet of concrete deck around the swimming pool, equipment installation, dirt haul off, and pool school. We also offer an electrical allowance on all of our projects. Note: Our economy inground pools do not come as a turnkey package. 

We proudly install Hayward Pool Products on our inground pools.

We offer an assortment of features that can be added to most of our pools, including automatic pool covers. This is a great way to decrease your maintenance demand, makes your backyard a safer space, and add a great aesthetic look to your pool. If you still have questions ask your design consultant and they will be able to answer.

With the right sanitization system, inground pools can be easily maintained by the home owner. We offer multiple type of sanitizing systems for you swimming pool. You can control the programming and filtration of your pool right from your phone. We also install automatic pool covers which will ensure leaves and other debris do not enter your pool. Lastly, all of our showrooms have a dedicated team of WaterCare specialist that can teach you how to maintain and take care of it yourself. We offer in-store Pool School monthly.

Installation of an inground pool depends on many uncontrollable variables, weather being the largest factor. Listed below are our average install times.

Yes, through Viking Capital (soft hit on credit report that won’t affect credit score). The links are available on our website.

We build year-round as long as the weather lets us! Winter is a perfect time to start building a pool and have it ready for the upcoming season!

Project start dates depend on ongoing projects and permitting process. Once those have been cleared, Our economy inground is typically 5 to 7 days; fiberglass 6 to 8 weeks; concrete with Eco-finish is 3 to 4 months.

Yes, Automatic Pool Covers are the perfect addition to any pool. They can be installed on existing pools or new builds. Automatic pool covers are a great way to keep your swimming pool clean and debris free all year long. It is also a great way to increase the safety of your backyard dream.

No. We can make an inground pool work in most yards. We offer a wide array of sizes and shapes to accommodate most yards.