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FROG® Frog® @ease® Cartridge Holder for Sundance Spas® Hot Tubs


Product Description

This is the Cartridge Holder only, This does not contain chemicals, You can see the Chemicals Here. The Frog® @ease® Sundance Spas® Hot Tub Sanitizing System is built-in hot tub water care that puts you at @ease®.

The Frog® @ease® system for Sundance Spas® hot tubs is the manufacturer-recommended method of keeping your spa free from germs and algae. Sundance Spas® Hot Tub models before 2021 may require a one time purchase of the Frog® Cartridge Holder.

Frog Test Strips

Galaxy Price $34.99

Retail: $58

Frog® @ease® Cartridge Holder for Sundance Spas® Hot Tubs Videos

How to Start Up Your Hot Tub with FROG @ease

Hot tub start-up time? Then it’s FROG @ease time! Learn how to start-up your hot tub quick and easy! How many times have you thought, “this hot tub is just too much work!” We set out to change that with FROG @ease – it gives you that “ahhh” feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. FROG @ease combines our sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways. The result is Fresh Mineral Water®∞ that’s silky soft with far less odors and the easiest water to maintain because it’s self-regulating.

About FROG @ease

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