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Nature's Pure Spa Mineral Purifier

Nature's Pure

Nature’s Pure Mineral Purifier Stick

Product Description

Nature’s Pure Mineral Purifier uses a combination of minerals to help keep your hot tub or swim spa clean!

  • These minerals help to prevent algae growth as well as help to keep your water clean and lessen the demand on your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine).
  • You can have a chlorine level as low as .5 ppm when you use Nature’s Pure Mineral Purifier!
  • Hot Tubs need 1 mineral purifier and Swim Spas need 2.
  • Replace your mineral purifier every 4 months or when you drain and refill your tub.

*Nature’s Pure Mineral Purifier does not take the place of a sanitizer like chlorine or bromine.

Price: $34.99

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