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Ahh!Some Hot Tub Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer


Product Description

The Ahh-some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer effectively eliminates dirt, debris, inanimate scum, nutrients, particulates, and inanimate contaminants from various surfaces. Engineered to enhance your spa experience, Ahh-some products are crafted for optimal satisfaction. The Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer specifically assists in eliminating undesirable odors and non-public health organic build-up, preventing the formation of unsightly deposits.

Instructions for Hot Tub Usage: Unpleasant odors in your hot tub are frequently caused by bacteria growth above the water line when the spa is inactive. After each use and before leaving your hot tub, apply the Ahh-Some Spray Cleaner & Deodorizer to the “tidal zone” of your spa shell, which is the 4-6 inches above the water line. On a weekly basis, spray the underside of your spa cover and the areas around the headrests. Wipe away any residue that forms before closing the cover.

Instructions for Use on Surfaces with Residual Evidence: Apply the cleaner directly to the surface where water may have left traces of scum, mold, mildew, soap deposits, and similar residues. Allow the cleaner to sit for approximately 10 seconds, then wipe and rinse the area to achieve a clean surface. This product is safe for use on most hard surfaces, including glass, plastic, acrylic, and vinyl. It is advisable to conduct an initial test in a small, inconspicuous area to assess compatibility.

Prevents/Blocks/Neutralizes/Reduces & Removes Odors

Unscented – No Colorants Added

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Retail: $40

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