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FROG® SmartChlor® Cartridge by FROG® | 3 Pack


Product Description

Frog® @ease® SmartChlor Hot Tub 3 Pack Replacement Cartridges

You can get an entire season (12+ weeks) of easy, low-chlorine sanitizing when used along with the Frog @ease Sanitizing System for hot tubs. The Frog @ease SmartChlor Cartridge custom designed for Hot Tubs is a revolutionary way to maintain a low level of chlorine tailor made for use with Frog @ease Mineral Cartridges that reduce chlorine use. Together they make hot tub care a breeze with up to 75% less chlorine so the water fells softer and looks crystal clear with no smelly odors, no adding chlorine daily and no weekly shocking. Swimsuit colors stay bright and hot tub surfaces maintain their brilliance longer.

  • Time-release chlorine means stable water chemistry.
  • Up to 75% less Chlorine with no frustration “yo-yo” chlorine levels
  • Use less chlorine with Frog minerals.
  • Each SmartChlor cartridge lasts for up to five weeks.
  • Shock only once a month
  • Self regulates for continuous crystal clear water
  • Easy on Hot Tub surfaces with less odors
  • Single color match fo easy reading exclusively with Frog @ease test strips
  • Spa Frog is the leading designer of mineral sanitizing systems.

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SmartChlor® Cartridge by FROG® | 3 Pack Videos

How to Start Up Your Hot Tub with FROG @ease

Hot tub start-up time? Then it’s FROG @ease time! Learn how to start-up your hot tub quick and easy! How many times have you thought, “this hot tub is just too much work!” We set out to change that with FROG @ease – it gives you that “ahhh” feeling of relaxation and peace of mind. FROG @ease combines our sanitizing minerals with SmartChlor® Technology to kill bacteria 2 ways. The result is Fresh Mineral Water®∞ that’s silky soft with far less odors and the easiest water to maintain because it’s self-regulating.

FROG @ease Fresh Mineral Water Test Strips

Ordinary test strips are for maintaining ordinary water but only FROG Test Strips can help maintain Fresh Mineral Water because… 1. It’s the only strip with the ideal low chlorine or bromine range for FROG Pools & Spas 2. Ordinary test strips are not as accurate and do not show the ideal range to be in when using FROG products. Test the difference yourself. Your chlorine pacs and bromine cartridges will last up to 50% longer!

SmartChlor® Cartridge by FROG® | 3 Pack Specs

Size: 3 Pack

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