Finding success with any business requires the flexibility to adapt to change quickly and the ability to see several steps beyond others. These two skills are a big part of why Galaxy Home Recreation has been able to thrive for nearly 50 years, but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic hit that we were truly put to the test.

Our response proved so successful that it drew the attention of AQUA Magazine, one of the leading publications in the pool and spa industry. AQUA spoke with Galaxy Home Recreation CEO and president Ronak Shah about the company’s beginnings, its evolution over the years, how it persevered through the pandemic, and more.

Adaptability and Innovation

Ronak Shah - Galaxy Home Recreation
Source: Photo courtesy AQUA Magazine

Speaking with AQUA Magazine’s Abigail Carpenter, Ronak explained how his father, Mukesh, originally founded Galaxy Home Recreation in 1975.

At that time, the company was primarily focused on pool tables and didn’t sell hot tubs at all. But while the business itself was drastically different from what it is today, the philosophy behind it was the same: change with the times and always look for ways to innovate. 

The billiard-centric business would apply that philosophy repeatedly over the years, breaking into the world of arcades, vending machines, and jukeboxes during the coin-operated machine boom and eventually focusing on outdoor recreation once it died down.

The company wouldn’t begin to hit its stride in the hot tub industry until around 2012, but in that time, hot tubs have become one of its biggest keys to success. 

With that success came an ability to define its own standards when working with hot tub manufacturers. These standards define what Galaxy expects of any company they partner with: brand recognition, innovation, professionalism, and a willingness to collaborate.

Thriving Amid Adversity

In 1975, the adaptation and innovation required of a business were centered more around understanding the economic environment and seeing ahead of consumer trends. While those needs are still critical today, modern businesses have had more to adapt to and less predictability to work with, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, while many businesses did their best to weather the storm while the world shut down and commerce ground to a near-halt, we at Galaxy Home Recreation used our experience to flourish in the grip of the pandemic.

For the two years before the COVID lockdowns in early 2020, Galaxy Home Recreation had been building a brand-new Oklahoma City showroom. The planned opening date? March 2020.

While this presented many hurdles for our team, we saw opportunity where many others would have seen only despair. 

Outdoor recreation was now relegated almost exclusively to the backyard at this time, which meant there would be an unprecedented demand for things like patio furniture, grills, and hot tubs.

Recognizing this silver lining gave the team at Galaxy Home Recreation the courage to not only go forward with our new location but open a whole new location in Northwest Arkansas.

Galaxy in the News: Shoot for the Stars

Growing the Family

With two new locations, Galaxy Home Recreation needed to hire urgently. However, the pandemic made that challenge a particularly difficult one.

As such, the company needed to turn once more to its philosophy of adaptation and innovation to make it happen. That meant turning inward, looking for untapped potential and useful skill sets in the team it had in place, and utilizing new technologies for virtual training.

Adopting a novel hybrid work style, Galaxy Home Recreation was able to safely get the most out of its workforce while being restricted by the pandemic. Since then, our 40-member team has grown to encompass 140 members and counting.

While the world has largely returned to normalcy since March 2020, that return has presented new challenges for many businesses in itself. However, Galaxy Home Recreation is now more confident than ever that it will be able to adapt and innovate regardless of the sort of changes the industry — and the world at large — may face.

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