Today we’re going to explain how to put the compensator and the return plug in your pool. So the compensator is a bottle that has a universal plug on the end of it that plugs your skimmer, it allows the water to freeze in on the compensator instead of freezing out and breaking your skimmer.

So the first step is going to be to take the basket out of the skimmer, the compensator fits directly in the hole in the bottom of the skimmer press down wiggle it a little bit and then you’re good to go.

It actually keeps the water from draining out the bottom, it also keeps the water from freezing out and breaking your skimmer.

The second part of plugging your pool is your return plug. so you have your jet shoot the water back into the pool, it has an eye ball that comes out. once you take the eye ball out then it actually comes out in 3 pieces.

So you have your locking ring, you have your directional eyeball and then this piece, may actually be stuck inside of there, it has two notches inside of here you can go in with some needle nose pliers open it and then twist it and get this part out.

The return plug plugs the return so it just slides right inside then it has a wing nut that you tighten to plug the hole, once you tighten this up it should close the water off from the backside. At this point you don’t have to drain any water out of your pool.

This keeps the water level higher which allows the stress to be relieved off of the cover as well. it’ll help your cover to last longer, it will also help to prevent damage to your top rails as well.

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