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SunSalt SunSalt Salt Water Pool System Replacement Cell 25K


SunSalt Salt Water Chlorinating Pool System Replacement Cell

Product Description

This is a Replacement Cell for the Sunsalt Salt Water pool System.

It works for all types of aluminum or non-steel pools: above ground, in-ground & semi in-ground pools. All salt generating systems have one thing in common…they require salt in the water in order to sanitize the pool. But salt levels are continuously affected by rain or, in desert areas, by evaporation. Other salt systems simply shut down if the salt level falls outside a very narrow range. The result is a pool that turns green or cloudy in a matter of hours because not sanitizer is being produced. SunSalt operates effectively over a wide range of salt levels and will not shut down even under the most adverse conditions. The SunSalt system will continue to sanitize the water so you’ll never worry about coming home to a green pool!

  • Treats pool up to 25,000 gallons.
  • Reduces the amount of chemicals needed for your pool.
  • For all types of aluminum and non-steel pools.
  • Compatible with all types of filter systems.
  • Works with 110v or 220v connections.

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Retail: $1,529

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