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Basketball Goal Buyer’s Guide

Basketball Goal Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to Galaxy Home Recreation’s Basketball Goal Buyer’s Guide, where we aim to elevate your game and outdoor enjoyment. Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, host friendly matches, or encourage your family’s active lifestyle, choosing the right basketball goal is key. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll address common questions and considerations to help you make an informed decision and ensure years of hoop-shooting fun. Let’s get started!

Brands to Know

When investing in a basketball goal, quality and durability are paramount. Here are some reputable brands known for their superior craftsmanship and performance:

Goalrilla, Goalsetter®, Spalding®, Silverback®, Lifetime®

Brand Comparison

Galaxy Home Recreation chose to carry Goalrilla basketball goals because they represent the pinnacle of quality and durability in the market. Goalrilla’s heavy-duty construction, professionalgrade performance, and lifetime warranty align with Galaxy Home Recreation’s commitment to offering only the best products to their customers. By providing a basketball system that mimics professional hoops, Goalrilla ensures that both serious athletes and recreational players receive an exceptional playing experience, reinforcing Galaxy Home Recreation’s reputation for excellence.


  • Goalrilla: Best for those seeking top-tier durability and a professional playing experience. Ideal for serious players and families with a range of age groups.
  • Goalsetter®: Excellent for those who value customization and enhanced safety features.

Mid-Range Level

  • Spalding®: Offers a range of options suitable for both casual and serious players, with varying levels of quality and price.

Entry Level

  • Silverback®: Good quality for mid-range budgets, suitable for casual play.
  • Lifetime®: Best for recreational use, with many affordable and portable options.

Types of Basketball Goals

In-Ground Basketball Goals

In-ground basketball goals are permanently installed by securing the pole into the ground with concrete. They offer exceptional stability and are ideal for dedicated basketball players and those who want a long-lasting solution.


  • Superior stability
  • Professional feel
  • Adjustable height for players of all ages


  • Permanent installation, however, Goalrilla<sup™ utilizes an anchor system, allowing the goal to be relocated if you move.
  • More labor-intensive to install

Portable Basketball Goals

Portable basketball goals feature a base filled with water or sand for stability, allowing them to be moved as needed. They are a versatile option for those who might need to relocate their goal or have limited space.


  • Easy to move
  • No permanent installation required
  • Adjustable height


  • Less stable than in-ground goals
  • Can be cumbersome to move when filled

Finding the Right Basketball Goal for You

CV Series

The Goalrilla CV series, named for its Clear View backboard support, eliminates the obstructed view caused by an H-frame design, ensuring a consistent rebound across the entire backboard. Available in 54”, 60”, and 72” sizes, the CV series includes a ½” thick backboard for the 72” model and a 3/8” thick backboard for the 60” and 54” models. Each CV goal comes with pole and backboard pads, enhancing safety and durability. The adjustable height settings (typically 7.5 to 10 feet) make it ideal for young children who are just starting out, with smaller backboards (48″ to 54″) that accommodate growth and skill development.

GSc Series

The Goalrilla GSc series, designed as a premium option for residential use, is perfect for beginner to intermediate players. Available with 54”-, 60”-, and 72”-size backboards, the GSc series also features the Clear View design for an unobstructed view and consistent rebound. Constructed with powder-coated steel poles, these goals offer superior rust resistance, UV protection, and durability that withstands the test of time. This series is especially suitable for teenagers and adults, providing regulation-size backboards and more realistic playing experiences to support advanced skills and techniques. Unlike the CV series, the GSc series does not include a pole pad, which might be an important consideration for some buyers.

Age Considerations

Young Children

The adjustable height settings of the CV series accommodate growth and skill development, making it perfect for beginners.

Teenagers and Adults

The GSc series offers regulation-size goals with larger backboards, ideal for older players seeking a realistic playing experience.

Skill Level Considerations


The CV series features adjustable height settings, breakaway rims, and pole padding to prevent injuries during practice.

Intermediate Players

The GSc series, with high-quality backboards and adjustable heights, facilitates skill improvement and durability for ongoing practice.

Advanced Players

The GSc series provides professional-grade equipment, including heavy-duty breakaway rims and regulation-size backboards, replicating the feel and performance of professional courts.

Sizes and Materials

Parts of a Basketball Goal

Backboard Size

Refers to the dimensions of the rectangular board that players shoot the basketball into.

Glass Thickness

Indicates the thickness of the backboard material when made from tempered glass. Thicker glass tends to provide better rebound characteristics and durability.


The large, flat surface where the hoop is mounted. It can be made from materials like tempered glass, acrylic, or polycarbonate. The backboard affects the quality of rebounds and the overall playing experience.

Flex Rim

A type of basketball rim designed to flex or give upon contact, reducing the impact on the rim and backboard during aggressive play or dunking. This feature is often preferred for recreational or home use to prevent damage.

Pole Size

Refers to the diameter of the main vertical support pole of the basketball goal system.

Steel Gauge

Indicates the thickness of the steel used in constructing the basketball system, particularly the pole and support arms. A lower gauge number (e.g., 7 gauge) indicates thicker, more durable steel.


The distance from the front of the pole to the front of the backboard. It determines how far the backboard extends from the pole, affecting playability and safety.


Refers to the overall mass of the basketball goal system, including the backboard, pole, and base (if applicable). Heavier systems are generally more stable but may be harder to move or transport.

Pole Pad

A protective padding that wraps around the vertical pole of the basketball system. It enhances player safety by cushioning impact during accidental collisions with the pole.

Backboard Pad

Like a pole pad, a backboard pad is a protective cushioning that covers the edges and bottom of the backboard. It helps prevent injuries from contact with the backboard during play.

Backboard Sizes

48" to 54" Backboards

Ideal for casual play and smaller spaces.

60" Backboards

A good middle-ground option for families and recreational play.

72" Backboards

Regulation size, perfect for serious players and those looking for a professional experience.

Backboard Materials


Durable and shatterproof, suitable for casual play.


Provides better rebound than polycarbonate, ideal for intermediate players.


Offers the best rebound performance and is used in professional and high-level play. Goalrilla goals feature tempered glass backboards that provide superior rebound performance and a professional feel.

Pole Construction


Aluminum poles are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for environments where weight is a concern or where there is exposure to moisture. They are commonly used in portable basketball goals and some residential applications.


Apart from powder-coated steel, basketball goal poles can also be made from untreated or galvanized steel. Galvanized steel is coated with zinc to enhance corrosion resistance, making it suitable for outdoor installations without powder coating.

Powder-Coated Steel Poles

Both the CV and GSC series utilize powder-coated steel poles. This construction material offers exceptional durability and weather resistance, capable of withstanding intense gameplay and varying outdoor conditions without rusting or corroding over time.


Safety Features

Breakaway Rims

Goals with breakaway rims help prevent injuries by allowing the rim to flex under pressure, reducing the impact on players’ hands and wrists. Goalrilla goals feature heavy-duty breakaway rims that are designed to withstand aggressive play.


Look for goals with pole and backboard padding to protect players from impact during play. Goalrilla CV series goals come with durable pole padding to ensure player safety.

Height Adjustability

Adjustable Rim Height

Allows for settings ranging from 7.5 feet to 10 feet. This versatility ensures that children and adults alike can enjoy the game at their preferred hoop height, promoting safe and enjoyable play for everyone. Both the Goalrilla™ CV and GSC series feature adjustable rim heights, accommodating players of all ages and skill levels.

Choosing the Right Basketball Goal for Your Space

Measure Your Space

Before purchasing a basketball goal, measure the available space to determine the maximum backboard size and pole height that will fit comfortably. Ensure there is ample clearance around the goal for safe play.

Consider Usage

Think about how the basketball goal will be used. For family fun and casual games, a smaller backboard and portable design might be sufficient. For serious practice and high-level play, opt for a larger backboard and in-ground installation.

Installation Process

Site Preparation

Before beginning installation, ensure the chosen site meets the following criteria:

Utility Lines

Before installation, contact 811 to mark cable, phone, gas, water, electric, and utility lines. They will not mark sewer, septic drains, private lines, or sprinklers. It is the customer’s responsibility to identify and mark these lines to avoid damage during excavation.


Select a suitable area in your yard with enough space for the basketball court, free from obstacles such as trees.


Goalrilla basketball goals can be installed in dirt or grass. For an additional charge, installation in concrete or blacktop is available.

Weather and Ground Conditions

Installation may be delayed due to bad weather, rocky conditions, or groundwater issues. These factors can affect the timeline and completion of installation.

Additional Charges

If mechanical equipment is necessary for excavation, an additional charge will be applied to the installation or if encountering clay or rock during excavation, there will be an extra fee.


Day 1: Initial Installation

An adult must be present during this initial visit for customer acknowledgment and to ensure proper installation conditions.

Excavation: Dig a hole according to manufacturer specifications, typically 48 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter.

Concrete and Rebar: Pour concrete into the hole and add rebar for reinforcement. Ensure the pole is set straight and level during this process.

Anchor Setup: Install the anchor into the wet concrete. This step is critical for ensuring the stability of the basketball goal.

Concrete Curing Period

Waiting Period: Allow the concrete to cure for a minimum of 3 business days. During this time, the concrete sets and strengthens to support the basketball goal.

Day 2: Final Installation

After the concrete has cured, return to complete the installation. The customer does not need to be present on the second visit unless the installation site is restricted or requires access.

Goal Assembly: Attach the backboard, rim, and other components to the pole according to manufacturer guidelines. Ensure all connections are secure and tight.

DIY Installation

If you’re considering a DIY installation of your Goalrilla basketball goal, careful planning and adherence to manufacturer guidelines are essential for a successful setup.


Goalrilla basketball goals are designed to be durable and long-lasting with proper care and maintenance. Typically, when installed correctly and maintained regularly, a Goalrilla basketball goal can last for over 10 years. Factors such as quality of installation, regular maintenance, usage intensity, and exposure to weather conditions all contribute to its lifespan. These goals are constructed from sturdy materials like powder-coated steel and tempered glass or acrylic, ensuring durability and reliability over many years of use.

Service & Support for Your Basketball Goal


For any issues with your basketball goal, it’s crucial to purchase from a reputable company offering local assistance. Authorized retailers typically have trained service teams to diagnose and resolve problems promptly, including ordering any necessary parts.

Dealer Support

Partnering with a trusted dealer like Galaxy Home Recreation ensures reliable customer support and service for your basketball goal.

Customer Support

Receive help when you need it. Galaxy Home Recreation is committed to providing expert guidance and support for a seamless basketball goal ownership experience.