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Swing Set Buyers Guide

Why should I get a swing-set?

Swing-sets are a great way to keep the kids active. It provides hours of daily fun especially on those breaks without school. It also helps promote imagination with picnic benches, lemonade stands, imaginative accessories and clubhouses. And, equally important, strength and coordination. Climbing up rock walls, learning how to swing, swinging on monkey bar are just a few of the ways Woodplay® swing-sets help build confidence and coordination.

Does my yard need to be leveled?

A leveled yard ensures a smooth installation and secure foundation for the swing-set. However, most yards are not perfectly level. The most important leveled yard area is the tower / base of the swing-set. If the yard slightly slopes, have the swing beam run that direction. The swing-beam A-frame is adjustable to compensate for sloped yards.

If the entire yard is slightly sloped, a triangular base provides a sturdier structure than the square base. The triangular base swing-sets have a tire-swing underneath them.

Lastly, leveling the area would be best practice. This would need to be done before installation, and by you or a third party.

Do I need to prepare my yard?

Besides picking the most leveled area and having sufficient space, you may choose to add mulch, rubber mulch and / or borders. Mulching eliminates the need to mow that area and provides safer landing spots for kids. It is done sometimes in residential applications and required in commercial settings. In fact, you must use rubber mulching 6” for commercial usages.

You may also add rubber pads underneath the swings and in front of the slide to protect the grass. Again, this is seldom done but another option to protect your yard.

What makes Woodplay® swing-sets the best brand?

There are a whole host of reasons that Woodplay® is the best swing-set manufacturer in the world. Below are some of the superior benefits that Woodplay® provides:

Cedar construction

Swing-sets can be made from many materials including pine, ash, and wood. Cedar is the strongest wood used in residential swing-sets. Cedar also is splinter and resistant free. Cedar does have natural knots and like all-natural wood, natural splitting, which does not affect the integrity of the wood.

Dimensional lumbar

The cedar beams are either 4” x 4” or 4” x 6”. Mass merchants often use 2” x 4”. The thicker beams ensure years of durable play and are strong enough for both adults and kids. Woodplay®’s dimensions also run true, meaning that the 4×4 and 4×6 are in fact that size and not rounded up. Woodplay® also uses thicker Cedar platform boards, 1.25” or 2” for secure standing.


Woodplay®’s construction consists mostly of thru-bolts. Most manufacturers use mostly lag bolts which do not provide nearly the same degree of strength and require many more screws.

Triple corners

Rounded corners

Woodplay® is committed to safety, using rounded corners at all exterior points.

4x6 swing beams

Woodplay®’s swings hold up to 250 pounds per swing due to their 4×6 beams and commercial-rated swing hangars.

Double-walled slides

Injection-molded double-walled slides provide durability and ensure the slides do not chip or crack like others.

Vinyl dipped chain

Woodplay® powder-coats their railings and vinyl-dips their chains so kids don’t get their hands hot or cut.


Grow your swing-set as your kids grow. You can add tons of play features to the clubhouse – Outback, Playhouse – like monkey bars, loft, spiral slide, tunnels, another slide and more.


Woodplay® makes swing-sets for the entire family. The headroom height is taller so adults and older kids can stand. The deck heights are taller so you have more room underneath.

What maintenance do I have to do?

Woodplay® swing-sets are built to last. Your children will enjoy it for years to come, outlasting their childhood. To keep your swing-set humming, it is highly recommended to re-tighten your bolts annually.

Also, your Cedar swing-set will naturally weather. This will not alter its longevity. Just its look. You can re-stain the swing-set however often you like. SuperDeck ® is the most popular stain and water-based sealer.

Also, if you ever need to replace a part, you can call Galaxy Home Recreation to order a replacement. That is one of the important things about Woodplay® is that all pieces are replaceable.

What are the most popular options?

The 3 most popular swing-set add-ons are monkey bars, gliders, and baby bucket swings. Monkey climbers are great for strength and coordination development. Kids love gliders as it allows the 2 of them to ride back and forth at the same time. Baby buckets are a wonderful way for little ones to enjoy the swing-set.

There are many other swing-set options including additional and different slides. You can add taller slides and spiral slides. You may need to add a monkey bar with a skybox for a taller slide to connect.

What’s a good age to buy a swing-set?

Swing sets are most popular with toddlers to kids of about 10 years old. The swings will always be fun for any age. Toddlers can learn to climb up the ladder and go down the slide until they are about 2 and a half. The baby bucket swings also provide lots of joy!

How much room do I need?

The general rule of thumb is that you need the space of the swing-set plus 3’ around it. That’ll account for the swings moving back and forth and room once your child goes down the slide.

If you have a long and narrow yard, the triangular based swing-sets take up less width. On average, the footprint is 24’ x 12. Square-based swing-sets take up about 18’x18’.

How long will it last?

Not all swing-sets are made the same. Mass merchants swing-sets are good for only about 1 to 3 years. After that, the slides and construction will deteriorate. Woodplay® swing-sets will outlast your kids playing journey on them with proper maintenance.

How do I know which swing-set is the right one for me?

In the Woodplay® line-up, there are several different series. The most popular series is Safari. They have the most popular play features already included. They come in different sizes and configurations. The Outback and Playhouse series are stronger, larger, modular and come in different heights. These are great as the kids age, wanting to add, and / or have multiple kids regularly playing. Woodplay® has other series for your unique needs like Mega-Sets and Space Savers.