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Vinyl Inground Pools

Vinyl Inground Pools

High-quality, Durable and Affordable

Our most popular shapes are Deer Creek and Rectangle. Sizes start from 14'x28' and depending on the size, you can choose flat bottom or diving deep end. Tanning ledge, decking, benches, spill over hot tubs, salt water systems and lighting features are available.

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Why Vinyl?

Are you looking for a high-quality pool that will last and be affordable? Galaxy proudly builds vinyl liner pools that last the longest with the lowest maintenance cost over time. Our most popular shapes are Deer Creek and Rectangle. Sizes start from 14'x28' and depending on the size, you can choose flat bottom or diving deep end. Tanning ledge, decking, benches, spill over hot tubs, salt water systems and lighting features are available.

Fiberglass vs Vinyl vs Concrete

Choosing your perfect inground pool is no small feat, but Galaxy has the expertise to help you select the ideal option for your home. Compare and contrast between a concrete, vinyl or fiberglass swimming pool with all of their individual pros & cons. Get ready to transform your backyard into an oasis in no time!

Concrete Starts at $71,999 Available in Oklahoma



  • Endless customization options
  • Durability
  • Upgraded Eco-Finish to provide lifetime finish
  • Personalized appearance


  • Higher price range
  • Longest construction time period
  • Higher upkeep costs
  • 10 year cost: Medium/High

Fiberglass Starts at $56,999 Available in Oklahoma & Arkansas



  • Low maintenance
  • Fastest installation
  • Factory controlled quality (see warranty)
  • Integrated, affordable spa and pool options


  • Pre-fabricated designs
  • Installation logistics due to 1-piece shell
    Maximum size: 16 feet wide
  • 10 year cost: Low

Vinyl Starts at $41,999 Available in Oklahoma Only



  • Most affordable
  • Smooth and soft feel
  • Quicker installation
  • Customizable liner color


  • Liner replacement every 10 years (approx.)
  • Fading/bleaching of liner over time
  • Liner punctures
  • Resale value
  • 10 year cost: Medium

Serving Oklahoma & Arkansas

Galaxy is thrilled to bring the highest-quality inground pools to Oklahoma and Arkansas, giving our neighbors a chance for summertime fun they won't soon forget!

Oklahoma State


All Pools Available!

Arkansas State


Fiberglass Available Only

Pool Build Process

Create the oasis of your dreams with a pool from Galaxy! Our commitment to excellence ensures you'll have a quality experience throughout construction—right down to all those meticulous details.


Check Elevations

vinyl phase 01 check elevations

Pool Walls Laid Out

vinyl phase 02 pool walls are laid out

Polymer Pool Walls

vinyl phase 03 polymer pool walls


vinyl phase 04 run plumbing lines


vinyl phase 05 pool footing

Prep Floor

vinyl phase 06 pool floor preped


vinyl phase 07 pool coping install

Install Pool Liner

vinyl phase 09 pool liner install

Poured Concrete

vinyl phase 11 poured concrete

Fill Pool with Water

vinyl phase 12 fill pool with water

Pool Options

Bring your fiberglass pool into the 21st century! Make it even more luxurious and convenient by adding salt water chlorinators, LEDs, heaters and the latest in smart automation - all designed to make your pool truly yours.

Salt Water Chlorinators

With a salt water pool, you get to bypass adding large (an expensive) amounts of chlorine regularly for salt. Salt is added 1-2x a year and the salt generator converts that to chlorine. You get the convenience along with the best water quality while avoiding eye/skin irritation and strong chlorine odors in your backyard. Salt Water Chlorinators

Safety Covers

A safety cover allows you to shut down your pool at the end of the swim season with minimal upkeep until you are ready to swim again. It comes installed with straps that anchor into the concrete decking to provide a safe and secure cover that keeps debris, pets, and humans out! Safety Covers

Automatic Pool Covers

The automatic pool cover provides you the ability to cover and uncover the pool each time you swim with the flip of a switch. You will be able to keep debris out and the water temperature at the most desirable levels all year long! Additionally, the strength of the cover will ensure that any unwanted pets or humans are safely kept out of the pool when closed. The pool cover runs along a track that is nicely hidden under the pool coping for rectangle pools so you do not notice it when it is open. Automatic Pool Covers

Pool Heaters and Heat/Chill Pumps

Pool heaters extend your pool season for 2-3 months! A natural gas heater requires a gas line to be plumbed to the pool equipment and it uses natural fuel to heat the water when in use. Our heat pumps use electricity to heat. You can also opt for a heat/chill pump that will allow you to not only heat the water but also cool it down during those uncomfortably hot summer months that create warm swimming water. The electric heat and heat/chill pumps are the most energy efficient and you often recoup their cost in the first full year with savings on your utilities bills. Pool Heaters and Heat/Chill Pumps

LED Lighting

Pool lighting will add another design element to your backyard oasis! Our lights are color changing with customizable themes and timer settings. With our automation package, you can control the lighting from your phone! Pool lights also provided added safety for nighttime swimming and will take any backyard party to the next level! LED Lighting


Our automation package allows you to control all of your pool equipment from the convenience of your phone from any where in the world! You can check on your pump while out of town during a freeze, lookup water, and even pre-heat your pool when you are on your way home! The added convenience coupled with the energy efficient mobile settings and diagnostic alerts make for the easiest pool maintenance in the industry. This is why many pool owners say automation pays for itself over the first couple of seasons! Automation


We pair your pool with the most efficient and reliable equipment available.

Package $5,999

  • 1 HP Inground Pump
  • 425 sq ft Cartridge Filter
  • Nature's Pure Ionizer
  • 1 LED Light

Deluxe Hayward Salt Water Package $8,999

  • Hayward® TriStar VS 900 Variable-Speed Pump
  • Hayward® 425 sq ft Swim Clear Cartridge Filter
  • Hayward® AquaRite Pro 40k Gallon Salt System
  • Hayward® ColorLogic 320 Color LED Light
  • Hayward® ColorLogic Light Controller
  • Robotic Cleaner

Premium Hayward Automation Package $12,999

  • Hayward® TriStar VS 900 Variable-Speed Pump
  • Hayward® 425 sq ft Swim Clear Cartridge Filter
  • Hayward® AquaRite Pro 40k Gallon Salt System
  • Hayward® ColorLogic 320 Color LED Light
  • Hayward® HydraPure Advanced Oxidation Sanitization System
  • Hayward® OmniPL Smart Pool and Spa Control
  • Robotic Cleaner


Pool Accessories


Yes. You can have a 6ft or 8ft deep end.

We offer the following types of swimming pools:

Concrete Swimming Pools
Fiberglass Swimming Pools
Vinyl Swimming Pools

Yes! All of our inground swimming pools are offered as turnkey projects. This includes full installation with a minimum of 3 feet of concrete deck around the swimming pool, equipment installation, dirt haul off, and pool school. We also offer an electrical allowance on all of our projects. Note: Our economy inground pools do not come as a turnkey package. 

We proudly install Hayward Pool Products on our inground pools.

We offer an assortment of features that can be added to most of our pools, including automatic pool covers. This is a great way to decrease your maintenance demand, makes your backyard a safer space, and add a great aesthetic look to your pool. If you still have questions ask your design consultant and they will be able to answer.

With the right sanitization system, inground pools can be easily maintained by the home owner. We offer multiple type of sanitizing systems for you swimming pool. You can control the programming and filtration of your pool right from your phone. We also install automatic pool covers which will ensure leaves and other debris do not enter your pool. Lastly, all of our showrooms have a dedicated team of WaterCare specialist that can teach you how to maintain and take care of it yourself. We offer in-store Pool School monthly.

Installation of an inground pool depends on many uncontrollable variables, weather being the largest factor. Listed below are our average install times.

Yes, through Viking Capital (soft hit on credit report that won’t affect credit score). The links are available on our website.

We build year-round as long as the weather lets us! Winter is a perfect time to start building a pool and have it ready for the upcoming season!

Project start dates depend on ongoing projects and permitting process. Once those have been cleared, Our economy inground is typically 5 to 7 days; fiberglass 6 to 8 weeks; concrete with Eco-finish is 3 to 4 months.

Yes, Automatic Pool Covers are the perfect addition to any pool. They can be installed on existing pools or new builds. Automatic pool covers are a great way to keep your swimming pool clean and debris free all year long. It is also a great way to increase the safety of your backyard dream.

No. We can make an inground pool work in most yards. We offer a wide array of sizes and shapes to accommodate most yards.