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Swim Central Large Fast Patch Kit for Vinyl Pool Liners

Swim Central

Product Description

This vinyl repair kit is designed to effectively mend any rips or tears in your pool or inflatables. Traditional adhesives often struggle with vinyl due to its oil absorption, leading to a loss of bond and a sticky residue. However, this specific repair patch kit includes an inhibitor that effectively counteracts the oil content in vinyl, ensuring a durable and long-lasting repair. Moreover, the vinyl adhesive provided in this kit is suitable for underwater use as well.

  • Made for swimming pool liners and inflatables
  • Vinyl Adhesive
  • Repairs can be done underwater
  • Extend the life of your pool liner
  • Underwater and Dry Repair
  • Includes(2) 23″ x 6″ clear vinyl patches
  • (2) 23″ x 5″ blue vinyl patches
  • Includes 4 oz of vinyl adhesive with applicator.

Save hundreds with this quick easy way to repair your tear. Can be used on inflatables awnings air mattresses water toys pool liners storage covers boat covers truck tarps sleeping bags sails and more!

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Retail: $19

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Additional Information

Clear vinyl patches: 23″ long x 6″ wide.
Blue vinyl patches: 23″ long x 5″ wide .
Material(s): adhesive/vinyl patch

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