When it comes to selecting the right pool for your home, your best bet is to carefully consider all of the options available to you and really weigh the pros and cons of each before making a decision. Each style of pool has unique advantages, and each one can also have some drawbacks that you need to be aware of. 

To help you get a better idea of the pros and cons of each style of pool, take a look at this easy guide to each type.

Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass pools are created using a single-piece pool shell made from fiberglass that is premade and ready for installation when it arrives at your home. These pools can come in various shapes and styles, and they often have built-in seating and steps.

fiberglass indoor swimming pool

Pros of Fiberglass Pools

Here are some of the biggest advantages of choosing fiberglass:

Easy Upkeep

Fiberglass pools are covered in a gel coat surface which resists algae growth and is typically a breeze to maintain.

No Further Costs

No liner replacement or resurfacing means you won’t pay any extra money on upkeep throughout the pool’s lifespan.


Fiberglass pools look beautiful, and they offer a lot of unique features to choose from.

Cons of Fiberglass Pools

Here are some potential drawbacks of choosing fiberglass:

High Upfront Cost

Although the lifetime cost is essentially zero after installation, the initial cost of fiberglass can be higher than other options.

Limited Size

Because they are premade and must be transported to your home as is, you can’t have a fiberglass pool that’s wider than 16 feet.

Concrete Pools

Concrete pools are created by pouring concrete over a steel rebar frame. Much like the concrete they’re made from, these pools are tough, durable, and capable of being made into an array of sizes, shapes, and depths.

concrete pool with water

Pros of Concrete Pools

Here are some of the benefits of choosing concrete for your pool:

No Size Limits

You can make your concrete pool into any shape you can imagine, and that shape can be any size and any depth you’d like.

Endless Customization

Concrete offers a lot of malleability with your pool design, opening the door for all kinds of creative features.

Cons of Concrete Pools

Here are some disadvantages to be aware of with concrete:

Long Install

The process of installing a concrete pool is a lot longer than other options, usually taking several months, while other options can often be finished in a few weeks.

Costly in the Long Term

Concrete pools require resurfacing every 10 years or so, which can cost around $10,000 or more, sometimes double that.

More Upkeep

Concrete pools need more chemicals and more maintenance to prevent algae growth and maintain balanced water levels.

Vinyl Pools

Vinyl pools have a custom-made framework that is covered by a vinyl liner. This option has a lot of room for customization and offers the lowest initial cost.

installed indoor vinyl pool

Pros of Vinyl Pools

Here’s what you get to enjoy when you opt for vinyl:

Low Upfront Investment

The initial cost of having a vinyl pool designed and installed is lower than both concrete and fiberglass.

Limitless Customization

You can design your vinyl pool to meet your exact size and depth specifications, and you have an array of interesting options when it comes to shape.

Quick Install

Your pool can be installed in around two to five weeks.

Cons of Vinyl Pools

Here are some potential drawbacks to consider with vinyl:

Liner Needs Replacement

You’ll need to replace your pool liner every 5-10 years, which costs thousands each time.

Liner Can Be Damaged

Concrete and fiberglass are a lot tougher than your vinyl liner will be. If you’re not careful, that replacement may be needed a lot sooner than expected.

Which Option Is Best for Me?

Now that you know the pros and cons of each type of pool, you should be able to determine which is best for you more easily. If you want something customizable and more immediately affordable, vinyl is great. If you want something with minimal upkeep and you don’t mind the size limitation, go with fiberglass. If you want the freedom to design whatever style you’d like, go concrete.

Want to Know More?

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