Enjoying the heated water of your hot tub is relaxing all on its own, but when your jets are running and providing a world-class hydrotherapy massage, then that relaxation transforms into pure bliss. 

But not all hot tubs are created equal, and certain models offer a hydrotherapy massage that’s miles above the rest. If you’re in the market for a new hot tub and you want to make sure whatever model you choose offers superior massage capabilities, then take a closer look at what exactly takes a hot tub massage from good to great.

The Elements of the Ultimate Hot Tub Massage

There are several aspects of a hot tub that will determine the quality of massage that it can offer you. As you search for the right hot tub for you, keep an eye out for these key elements:

Seat Types

Every hot tub model will have a different seat configuration. Some of them will be more geared toward increasing capacity, while others will be more focused on providing greater comfort and better hydrotherapy. If your priority is maximizing massage capabilities, then you’ll want a model that focuses on the latter. 

Lounge seats are designed to provide comfortable positioning and a large number of jets in various areas. With these seats, you can maximize the amount of jet action you can get out of your tub, as a lounge seat typically allows for a full-body hydromassage experience.

On the other hand, open seating gives you and your guests more space to move around, making it easier to entertain and accommodate more guests at once.

Seating Positions

One of the things that distinguishes one seat from another is its positioning. You’re likely to find just about any seating position comfortable and relaxing, but certain ones may be better suited for you. 

woman is taking massage in hot tub

To find the best seating position for you, consider what you’re looking for in a hydrotherapy massage. What parts of your body do you want the jets to focus on? What sort of seating position is most comfortable for you in general? 

You can also opt for a tub that has multiple unique seating positions for added comfort, and you may want to consider open seating so that there’s more massage to go around.


The jets are a key area of focus when choosing the perfect massage hot tub. The jets will be responsible for all of the massaging in your tub. 

Many different styles of jets are designed to offer unique massage capabilities, so learning a bit about each of them can go a long way toward helping you select the best massage tub for you. 

However, creating the ideal hot tub massage involves more than choosing the type of jets. It also means deciding on the placement of those jets, such as jets positioned for upper-body or lower-body hydrotherapy. You want to make sure that you have plenty of massage power in all the right areas when you’re choosing your tub.

working Underwater hot tub lounge jets

Foot Domes

Some hot tubs have a jetted foot dome that can take your massage to the next level. Foot domes are a series of jets placed all around a dome that’s located on the floor of the hot tub. A foot dome allows you to rest your feet near it and receive a highly focused massage. 

These domes are indispensable for those dealing with frequent foot pain.

JHT J300 hot tub  UW4914 foot dome  jets underwater view

Massage Pillows

You can add even more massage power to your tub by opting for a model that offers a massage pillow. These cushioned headrests come with cascading water that can soothe tense neck muscles and help you fall into a state of total relaxation.

JHT-J300 Hydrotherapy Pillow

Great Massage Hot Tub Brands

Narrow down your search for the best massage hot tub by focusing on the brands that are known to offer unmatched hydrotherapy capabilities. Some of those brands include:  

At Galaxy Home Recreation, we carry all of these top-quality brands. We can help you decide which brand will be the best fit for your particular needs.

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