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Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas

Sundance® Spas are the ultimate indulgence for homeowners looking to relax and unwind. With a variety of advanced features and therapeutic jets, these hot tubs offer a luxurious spa experience right in your own backyard. From the energy-efficient design to the customizable settings, Sundance® Spas hot tubs are built with your comfort and convenience in mind. No matter what your needs or preferences, Sundance® has a hot tub that is perfect for you.

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More than a Spa, It's a Way of Life

Connection, loyalty, and craftsmanship are the pillars of the Sundance® philosophy. Their spas are backed by a reputation they have earned over decades of reliability and excellence. Once you experience the relaxation, you'll see why owners buy again and again: life is better with a Sundance® Spa.

780 Series Hot Tubs

Combining new technology with old-fashioned know-how, outdoor hot tubs in this series are a delight to use. Their low profiles and seating variety come together to create the perfect escape.

780™ Series Hot Tubs

Montclair<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy Price $11,499

Retail: $19,549

Hamilton<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy Price $12,999

Retail: $22,099

Dover<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $11,299

Retail: $19,209

Bristol<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $12,999

Retail: $22,099

Chelsee<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $12,999

Retail: $22,099

880 Series Hot Tubs

The 880 Series features the best of everything Sundance Spas has to offer and seating options for up to eight people.

880™ Series Hot Tubs

Maxxus<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $23,999

Retail: $40,799

Optima<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $18,999

Retail: $32,299

Marin<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $16,999

Retail: $28,899

Capri<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $14,999

Retail: $25,499

Cameo<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $18,999

Retail: $32,299

Altamar<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $17,999

Retail: $30,599

Aspen<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $23,999

Retail: $40,799

980 Series Hot Tubs

With seating for between five and seven people, the hot tub models in the 980 Series contain all the desired elements from Sundance Spas.

980™ Series Hot Tubs

Kingston<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $25,999

Retail: $44,199

Claremont<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $25,999

Retail: $44,199

Patented Fluidix® Jets

Fluidix® jets operate without bearings that can clog or parts that wear out, combining air and water to create highly refined massage sensations. Each jet is positioned to reach pressure points used in reflexology and acupressure so stress and strain can be a distant memory. Regardless of which Fluidix® jets combination you call your favorite, you can get the most from your Sundance® Spa.

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