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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® hot tubs are the ultimate luxury for relaxation and rejuvenation. With innovative features and advanced technology, these hot tubs offer an unparalleled spa experience in the comfort of your own home. From the soothing massaging jets to the customizable settings, you'll be able to create the perfect soak every time. Whether you're looking for a small, intimate hot tub for two or a large model to entertain a crowd, Jacuzzi® has a range of sizes and styles to fit your needs.

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The Leader in Hydrotherapy

Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs are the industry leader in hydrotherapy. The Jacuzzi® name is synonymous with creating a relaxing atmosphere to relieve everyday stresses through hydromassage. Using their high-quality construction and engineering innovations they are able to expertly design each hot tub for optimal relaxation.

J-LX® Collection Hot Tubs

Jacuzzi® introduces its patented, first-of-its-kind full-spectrum infrared light therapy, diving deep beyond the skin to the cellular level. While invisible to the eye, this light delivers profound relief, especially for the globally prevalent lower back pain, rejuvenating muscles and enhancing flexibility.

J-LX® Collection Hot Tubs

J-LX<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $17,499

Retail: $29,749

J-LXL<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $17,499

Retail: $29,749

Play Collection Hot Tubs

Everyone should have access to hydrotherapy, which is where the Jacuzzi® Play Collection comes in. Brought to you by the brand that pioneered hydrotherapy, the Jacuzzi® Play Collection offers an affordable solution to make premium hydrotherapy a part of your daily ritual.

Play™ Collection Hot Tubs

Echo 30<sup data-lazy-src=

Echo 30

Galaxy: $5,999

Retail: $10,199

Mood 20<sup data-lazy-src=

Mood 20

Galaxy: $4,999

Retail: $8,499

J-200 Classic Collection Hot Tubs

The Classic J-200 Collection is a great choice for those who want the features of a luxurious hot tub without the expense. The J-200 Collection includes standard jet placement, a two-stage water treatment system, conveniently placed cup holders, and multi-colored lighting.

J-200™ Classic Collection Hot Tubs

J-275<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $10,299

Retail: $17,509

J-285<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy Price $10,299

Retail: $17,509

J-235<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $9,499

Retail: $16,149

J-245<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $9,499

Retail: $16,149

J-225<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $7,999

Retail: $13,599

J-300 Comfort Collection Hot Tubs

Our Signature J-300 Collection puts comfort at the forefront, featuring premium PowerPro® Jets, repositionable headrests, ergonomically designed seating, and an advanced control panel. Ease of maintenance provided by CLEARRAY® On-Demand.

J-300™ Comfort Collection Hot Tubs

J-375<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $15,999

Retail: $27,199

J-385<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $14,999

Retail: $25,499

J-365<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy Price $14,299

Retail: $24,309

J-355<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $14,299

Retail: $24,309

J-345<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $13,499

Retail: $22,949

J-325<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $10,799

Retail: $18,359

J-335<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $13,499

Retail: $22,949

J-315<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $9,999

Retail: $16,999

J-400 Designer Collection Hot Tubs

Presenting more rotational PowerPro® Jets, a distinct high-back design, and an adjustable headrest, our J-400 Collection delivers one of our best hydromassage experiences available. Stylish elegance is provided by premium lighting and a backlit waterfall.

J-400™ Designer Collection Hot Tubs

J-485<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $19,999

Retail: $33,999

J-495<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $22,999

Retail: $39,099

J-475<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy Price $19,999

Retail: $33,999

J-445<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $18,499

Retail: $31,449

J-435<sup data-lazy-src=


Galaxy: $18,499

Retail: $31,449

The Right Jets for Relaxation

Jacuzzi® knows that more jets don't equal a better experience. The right jets do. From the perfect mix of air and water to the careful placement of each exclusive jet on ergonomic seats, Jacuzzi® has been working hard for over 65 years to ensure they deliver the optimal massage to ease your mind and body.

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