At Galaxy Home Recreation, we want your hot tub maintenance to be as simple as possible so the majority of your time is spent enjoying your investment rather than maintaining it. Hot tub water maintenance and hot tub water treatment are big topics when caring for your spa.

Maintaining your hot tub water can be easy as 1-2-3! The first step in maintaining your hot tub water is to balance the levels. If you fail to  balance your water, it can turn green or have a foul smell. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid and you can preempt that easily by making sure everything is balanced.

  1. Take a test strip and dip it into the water for 3-4 seconds for a proper reading.
  2. Next take the strip and match it up with the colors on the test strip bottle.
  3. Chlorine level will stay white, we don’t use chlorine in our hot tubs.
  4. Take a look at the alkalinity level, if it’s high add alkalinity down, if it’s low add alkalinity up.
  5. Next look at the PH level and adjust accordingly. If your PH is high or low, you want to adjust with a PH down or PH Up.
  6. Add 1-2 tablespoons or PH down or PH up every hour until the test strips read the range you want them to read.

In need of more assistance? Bring a water sample to any one of our 5 locations for a free water test. Our chemical specialists will be happy to help you achieve crystal clear water. Shop our Hot Tub Chemicals Here