Common Sand Filter Issues

Sand filters make excellent pool cleaners, but they have a few common issues. Know what to look for so you can fix them quickly.

  • Water coming out of the backwash
  • Air in the pump
  • Sand blowing into the pool
  • Water dripping around the multiport valve

Address your sand filter's problems as soon as you notice them, and it will keep your pool water clean!

If you see water dripping out around the top of the filter. Loosen the ring at the top of the filter and check the O-ring is seated properly and make sure you tighten it back up when done. If it is a year or older you may need to lubricate the O-ring.

Water dripping out of the backwash could be the handle is loose, try pulling up a little and wiggle it. The hoses could be hooked up backwards. Check that the hose going to the pool is on the output that says to pool and the other labeled to pump goes to the pump.

If you have sand shotting in to the pool, check that hoses are hooked up correctly. If you have a lot of sand shooting in to your pool you probably have something broken in your filter and will need service.

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