Cleaning & Maintaining a Waterway Sand Filter

Operating your sand filter requires some knowledge, watch this video to learn more about cleaning and maintaining your Waterway Sand filter.

Sand filters are the oldest and most popular way to keep your pool clean. Here is all you need to know about how to operate your sand filter. Set to filter is were you need to stay all the time to filter your water. In order to clean the sand inside the filter you backwash. First turn the pump off. Then you change the setting from filter to backwash, always want to go clock wise when changing your settings.

Water will start coming out of the back, then turn the pump on. Watch the clear tube and wait until the water runs clear. Now your sand is clean. Turn the pump off. Change to rinse, rising clean the water out of the valve. Turn the pump back on. Rinse between 15 and 30 seconds and watch the water coming out the clear tube. Then put it back on filter.

Next setting is bypass to waste that allows you to vacuum your pool and push it out with out going through the filter. The winterize setting is for winterization. There a closed setting that allows you to service your filter with out losing a lot of water. A bypass to pool setting is circulating the water with out passing through to filter

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