How to Clean a Waterway Cartridge Filter

The time has come to clean your Waterway Cartridge Filter! The process may even extend overnight, depending on how dirty the cartridge is. Watch this video to find out more.

First turn the pump off at the switch at the back of the motor. Second there is a gate valve on the pump side and the filter side that you need to close in order to close the water off from the system. Third open the pressure release valve on top of the cartridge system allow this to set for 15 or 20 seconds to allow air to flow in so you can get the top off. Now twist the locking ring counter clock wise and take the ring off.
You have a key that you put in between the top and the bottom, turn the key and the top comes off. Take the cartridge out and use your garden hose to spray down in between the pleats until you get all of the dirt out. Spray dirt down to the ground. If it is not coming clean you can get a filter cleaner liquid and soak the cartridge over night. Rinse it out the next day and put it back in. now you can enjoy your swimming pool.

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