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Patio Renaissance Seattle Ottoman

Patio Renaissance

Product Description

The Seattle Ottoman by Patio Renaissance Where the fresh breath of nature meets downtown cool. This versatile and diverse collection is found at a intersection between creative art, innovative technology – where you can feel inclusive with friendly people who are relaxed all day long! This collection is perfect for those who want to create an environment that feels natural and welcoming. It can be used in homes, offices or public spaces like galleries because its modern design will work with any type of setting!

Price: $899

MSRP: $1,529

Additional Information

  • Durable aluminum construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Includes up to a 15-year warranty
  • Sunbrella Fabric
  • Salvage Lumbar Finish, Blend Mist Fabric
  • 35.8″ x 28″ x 10.2″

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