In this video we show you how to find problems with your Swimming Pool Cartridge Filter and how to fix them.
If you have high pressure or low flow the first thing you want to check is the skimmer basket to make sure it is free of debris, if the skimmer basket is clean the next thing you want to check is your pump and filter. At that point you want to turn off your pump or unplug it from the power source. Then shut the valve off on the front of the pump and the side of the filter. This will keep the water from flowing. Check the skimmer basket make sure it’s free of debris. Then check the filter. Remove the drain plug and let all the water drain out of the filter. Unscrew the ring so the top will come off, then remove the top to the filter. Check how dirty the filter is, It may need to be removed and rinsed off and cleaned or may need to be replaced depending on how old it is. So after the filter is cleaned put it back together checking the O-ring is on the top grove and is clean and not cracked. Press the top back on and screw the ring back on. Plug the pump back in and open all the valves and put the drain plug back in the filter. When you turn the system on release the air valve until water comes out then close it. Typically should run about 10lbs-12lbs and you never want to go 10lbs above clean pressure.