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Galaxy Home Recreation customers already know that we’re the largest retailer of hot tubs, patio furniture, and recreational equipment in Oklahoma and Arkansas. After all, our success and dedication to customer satisfaction are no secret.

What they may not know is that we were recently featured in the March issue of SpaRetailer magazine. We’re excited about this opportunity to share our enthusiasm for what we do and highlight how much we appreciate our employees and our customers.

The SpaRetailer article focuses on the skills that have helped our company survive and flourish for the past five decades. Like many small businesses, we were tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our ability to adapt during that difficult time drew the attention of the highly regarded industry publication.

Company president and CEO Ronak Shah sat down with SpaRetailer’s Michelle Cramer to discuss our strategies for ongoing success.

Know What You’re Made Of

Galaxy Home Recreation products are made of the highest-quality materials on the market. The unique challenges we experienced during the pandemic proved that our employees also had the durability and resilience needed to pass the test of time.

As Shah states in the SpaRetailer article, waiting around to see what would happen wasn’t a viable solution.

“Days and weeks were like a lifetime in March and April,” Shah said. We knew an immediate assessment of our business model was crucial. Instead of leaning only on management to find solutions, we looked for people who had the talent to help us succeed, regardless of their title.

By recognizing new opportunities for growth and identifying the employees who could make the most of these advantages, the pandemic became a chance to showcase the exceptional talent that already existed within our team.

For example, we learned that one of our chemical and accessories sales representatives, Eric Jenkins, was a talented content writer and image producer. 

Jenkins quickly became the new Galaxy website editor. The SpaRetailer article serves to show how looking within not only benefited the company but also allowed loyal employees to shine like never before.

Growing Together

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At Galaxy Home Recreation, we care about our employees and our customers. We couldn’t be in business without either, but there’s more to it than that.

As a family-owned and operated company in business since 1975, staying connected to our community is more than a sales gimmick. Sure, we boast the largest selection of grills, pool tables, hot tubs, and pools in Oklahoma. But that wouldn’t matter one iota if we didn’t treat our employees and customers with respect.

Shah underscores that point in the SpaRetailer article when he touches on our decision to emphasize the value of our employees during the pandemic.

Even when we were worried about sales and financial survival, investing in our employees and the community took precedence. Galaxy Home Recreation organized a social media food drive for the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma and hosted several blood drives at our Broken Arrow and Tulsa showrooms.

We knew that the best way to get through hard times is by helping one another. It was important for us that our team members had opportunities to make a difference where they work and live.

The article also highlights our decision to move forward with an already-planned expansion. Some may see opening a new location during a pandemic as a questionable decision, but we felt confident that the only direction to go was forward.

With our sights set on continual growth, we opened our new Edmond store last September with the understanding that people would be spending more time at home and would have a need for our products and services.

Thanks for All the Support

Things are still tumultuous in the business world, but we’re grateful for the creative employees who have helped us brainstorm innovative new ideas that keep us evolving through all the ups and downs.

We’re also grateful for wonderful publications like SpaRetailer that take the time to showcase small businesses and their achievements. Most of all, we’re grateful to our customers and our community, whose compassion and generosity made living through such an uncertain time a little easier for everyone.

Stop by a Galaxy Home Recreation Showroom and Say Hello

We’d like to say a big “thank you” to SpaRetailer for featuring Galaxy Home Recreation. If your family has recently rediscovered the pleasures of home, visit one of our showrooms to see how we can transform your deck or patio into the peaceful retreat you’ve always wanted.