We walk you through how to solve problems with your Pump and Filter, how to take apart to change and clean filters and check O-Rings.
When you turn the pump on for the first time you should always prime it. Open the bleeder valve on top of the filter until water comes out then close it. Then check the pressure gauge it should run between 10-15lbs. When it gets 10lbs over its time to clean or change the filters. To replace the filters you need to shut of the ball valve at the front of the pump and on the return line. Remove the drain plug at the bottom of the filter  and drain all the water out. Open the bleeder valve on top of the filter so the water will drain quicker. Then loosen the ring holding the filter together then remove the ring. Then lift off the top of the filter. Remove the top so you can pull the filters out to clean or replace. Check the O-ring is in place and not dry or cracked before placing the top back on the filter. When putting the ring back on make sure to tighten so the spring is completely compressed with no gaps. Check for leaks, and should be good to go.