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Springfree® 11ft Square Trampoline

Springfree® Square

Product Description

Looking for an awesome way to get your exercise without risking injury? Check out our 11ft Square Springfree® trampoline! With a soft edge mat and flexible rods, you’ll be able to jump around without worrying about getting hurt. Plus, the springless design means that there are no dangerous springs to worry about. With a full 10-year warranty, you can be sure that this trampoline will last for years to come. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your healthy new lifestyle today!

  • No Springs = more space to jump (113 ft²)
  • SoftEdge™ Mat eliminates hard edges and is 30x more shock-absorbent than standard trampoline pads.
  • Shock-absorbing Flexible Mat Rods eliminate pinch points for hands, toes, and feet.
  • Safety-minded, springless design prevents 90% of trampoline-related injuries
  • Full 10-year warranty

Price: $1,999

MSRP: $3,399

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Additional Information

  • Springfree® 11ft Large Square Trampoline
  • FlexiNet® Enclosure
  • Size of mat:  11 x 11 ft
  • Surface area of mat:  113 sq. ft.
  • Total space required:  19 x 19 ft
  • Jumper weight:  1100 lbs
  • Height of mat above ground:  3.3 ft
  • Height of FlexiNet above mat:  6 ft
  • Total height: 9.3 ftModel number: S113

Overview Video

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