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Swimline® Leaf Net Pool Cover 24ft


Product Description

Keep your pool clean with the Leaf Net Pool Cover! Made from an exceptionally durable, woven material that’s so lightweight you can easily carry even under one arm. It prevents leaves and twigs from contaminating your water by eliminating those pesky “swamp” like build ups which make spring cleaning such a chore (not to mention how unpleasant they are for swimmers). Plus it includes convenient winch tightening device so there is no need of hiring someone or using batteries every time we want to take down/put up our leaf net – just adjust tension when necessary.

  • Durable woven design will last years and years
  • 3ft Overlap
  • Heavy-duty cable and winch tightener, anchored by rip-proof metal grommets
  • 4-year Warranty

Galaxy Price $129.99

Retail: $220

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