Lagoon 33

Galaxy: $9,299 MSRP: $15,808


Enjoy your fun in the sun with the Lagoon! The combination of steel uprights and resin top ledges, ledge covers and foot covers, offers this pool the highest quality in manufacturing and visual style. Enjoy peace of mind with the Lagoon’s corrosion-proof aluminum walls and service panel. Year after year, the Lagoon is everything today’s family needs in a pool to get the most out of summer fun.

  • Salt Water Compatible
  • Aluminum Walls and Service Panel prevent rust
  • Steel Upright provide strength to the structure
  • Resin Top Ledges are safer to touch in hot temperatures
  • 25-yr Warranty on Liner
  • Exclusive Full Season Workmanship Guarantee
  • Gold Lifetime Limited Warranty on Pool Structure

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Additional Information

What's Included

What’s Included?

  • 33′ x 54″ Round Lagoon Pool
  • FREE upgrade to Silver Pool Package
  • FREE upgrade American-made, Virgin-Grade liner
  • FREE upgrade to resin bottom rail track
  • FREE upgrade to Wide Mouth Skimmer & Return Jet


Gallons: 25,000

Pool Type:

G4- Aluminum wall including service panel, injection molded resin top rail, galvanized steel components and stainless steel hardware.

  • Massive 9” Resin Top Rails
  • 54″ tall Aluminum Walls
  • Wall Printed Krystal Kote Uprights
  • Corrosion-free Resin Bottom Rail and Plate
  • Resin Stabilizer
  • Yardmore Butress Free Oval System
  • Salt Water Compatible