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Woodplay® Two Seater Glider Swing


Product Description

More fun for everyone: add a glider swing to any Woodplay swingset!

The Woodplay Two-Seater Plastic Glider Swing is a perfect addition to any outdoor playset. With its two seats, you can enjoy this swing alone or with friends! It helps encourage teamwork skills which are so important in children’s formative years as they learn how to share their ideas when playing together. Made with a highly durable plastic and chains made from strong steel, you’ll feel confident knowing your children are safe at play in this swing. The included hardware makes installation quick and easy!

  • WEIGHT LIMIT: Accommodates 2 children at one time, up to 200 lbs. in weight
  • COMFORTABLE, SECURE GRIP: 80″ long chains with 25″ coated in plastisol
  • ULTRA-DURABLE: Seat is made of highly-durable plastic while chains are made from strong steel and PVC combination
  • SWING SET SPECIFICATIONS: Swing seat size is approximately 24” x 16” x 2.75” and is suitable for an 6’-9’ swing beam
  • 3 AND UP: Perfect for kids 3 and up

Comes in Green and Yellow

Price: $369

MSRP: $628

Additional Information

  • 1 glider swing
  • 2 glider brackets
  • all necessary hardware

GLIDER SWING — Accommodates two children at once, ages 3 and up and has a 200 lb. weight capacityCOMFORTABLE GRIP — Chains are 80” long with the bottom 25” coated in plastisol for a comfortable gripEASY INSTALLATION — The swing includes all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy at-home installationLONG-LASTING DURABILITY — Seat is made of a highly-durable plastic and chains made from a strong steel and PVC combination

30″ L x 10″ W x 20″ H

NO KIDDING GUARANTEE — Woodplay offers an industry-leading, limited lifetime warranty on its cedar playsets and that’s no joke.Woodplay Warranty

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