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Essentials Hot Tub Booster Seat and Back Support Pillow


Hot Tub Booster Seat and Back Support Pillow: Keep Your Head Above the Water!

Product Description

Hot Tub Booster Seat Product Description

A versatile water-filled seat that adds to the comfort and convenience of enjoying the spa. Use as a booster seat or back support. Made of durable, chemical-resistant vinyl.

Comes in Black or Blue

Hot Tub Booster Seat Instructions for Use

    1. Prior to filling with water, add weight to the Booster Seat to prevent it from floating. Insert a small amount of aquarium gravel, sand or other material that will not puncture the Booster Seat.
    2. Place the opening of the Booster Seat in front of a jet or insert a garden hose into the opening. Fill completely with water and securely close valve.

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Retail: $51

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