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Woodard Colorado Crescent Sofa

Woodard™ Extruded Aluminum

Product Description

Colorado Crescent Cushion Sofa

A relaxed blend of cozy comfort and sophisticated style, Colorado takes the outdoors seriously. With beauty that lasts for years to come combined with a savvy design sense curated by our industry experts; this set will be your go-to getaway year after year!
The durable aluminum frame construction is rust free so you can enjoy it on those unpredictable days when Mother Nature decides not play nice.

Available in Textured Black and Asgard Smoke Fabric

*Actual colors differ from photo.

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  • Delivery to your home and assembly  
  • Installation includes travel up to 30 miles from any showroom. Each mile outside that (up to 120) miles will be charged $3/mi one-way. 

Additional Information

  •  Aluminum
  •  35.5″
  •  104″
  •  47″
  •  20.75″
  •  504″

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