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LaMotte Advanced Copper Test Kit


Product Description

 With a simple testing process requiring just once every two weeks, the Advanced Copper Test Kit ensures your pool or spa remains balanced and free from copper-related issues. Follow the straightforward instructions to measure copper levels effectively, ensuring the perfect balance for your pool. Trust the Advanced Copper Test Kit for precise testing and hassle-free maintenance.

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Additional Information

  • Fill the tube to the 10 mL line with your sample water.
  • Add 5 drops of Copper A to the tube. Secure the cap and gently mix by turning the tube upside down.
  • Remove the cap and add 5 drops of Copper B. Secure the cap again and mix gently.
  • Insert the tube into the holder and wait for 3 minutes for the color to develop.
  • Remove the cap and position the tube bottom 1/2 inch above the white area on the color chart. Match the color by looking down through the tube.
  • After reading the test results, empty and rinse the tubes promptly to avoid staining.

Advanced Copper Test Kit Specs

Size: Kit