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Carvin 160 Sq Ft Pool Cartridge Filter (Sherlock System without Dirt Catcher)


Sherlock Carvin 160 sqft Pool Cartridge Filter – Diameter: 10″ | Length: 24-3/8″

Product Description

The Carvin Sherlock  160 sqft swimming pool cartridge filter with solid core is a low maintenance option for keeping your pool clean. The filter media is made of premium polyester, and the end caps are antimicrobial to prevent growth of bacteria. This filter provides more surface area than other models, making it more effective at trapping dirt and debris. It’s also easy to clean and reuse, so you can enjoy your pool without worrying about expensive replacement filters.

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Retail: $262

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Additional Information

Product Weight & Dimensions

  • Diameter: 10″
  • Length: 24-3/8″
  • Top Style: Handle
  • Bottom: Open
  • Bottom Hole: 3″
  • Weight: 13 oz
  • Compatible with Carvin 160 SqFt Pool Cartridge System (94224416) without Dirt Catcher*

carvin sherlok 200sqft system without dirt catcher

Carvin System without Dirt Catcher

*Galaxy customers who purchased the Carvin 160 Sqft Pool Cartridge System around July 2019, most likely will have the Dirt Catcher and should purchase this 160 Sq ft Pool Cartridge Filter. Galaxy customers who purchased the Carvin 160 Sqft Pool Cartridge System since late 2019, most likely will not have the Dirt Catcher. If you have any questions about which filter is correct for your system, please contact your local Galaxy water care professional.

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