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Bounce into excitement with Galaxy Home Recreation's trampolines! Located in Edmond North Oklahoma City, our trampolines offer endless fun and fitness for the whole family. From backyard play to acrobatic adventures, our quality trampolines provide a safe and thrilling experience. Explore our range today and elevate your outdoor entertainment to new heights!

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Springfree® Trampolines

Discover the ultimate in backyard fun and safety with Springfree® Trampolines. Engineered with innovative, no-spring technology and a flexible safety enclosure, Springfree® trampolines provide a superior jumping experience while minimizing the risk of injury. Built to withstand the elements with durable materials, these trampolines offer long-lasting enjoyment for children and peace of mind for parents. Choose Springfree® for a trampoline that combines cutting-edge safety features with unparalleled performance, ensuring countless hours of active play and excitement.

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Springfree® trampolines come in three shapes: square, round, and oval. If you’re looking to buy a safe, top-quality trampoline, look no further than a Springfree® Trampoline!

Leap into Adventure with Trampolines in North OKC

Bounce into fun with Galaxy Home Recreation’s trampolines in North Oklahoma! Designed for safety and excitement, our trampolines provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Explore various sizes and features to fit your backyard space. Jump into action and experience the thrill with our quality trampolines!

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Jump into fun with our top-selling trampolines, beloved by families across North Oklahoma. Engineered for safety and excitement, these trampolines provide endless hours of bouncing enjoyment for all ages.

Our Trampolines Store in North OKC

Welcome to Galaxy Home Recreation’s North OKC location! Nestled in the heart of North Oklahoma City, our expansive 35,000 sqft. showroom boasts a dazzling array of recreational products, all designed to transform your home and outdoor space. From our vast collection of hot tubs, pools, and swing sets, to stylish patio furniture, game room essentials, pool tables, and intimate home theater seating — we have something for everyone.

Take a stroll in our outdoor display, which features a diverse range of above-ground, semi-inground, and inground pools. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Our front parking lot is a playground in itself with a vibrant showcase of swing sets, tr...Read More


6932 W. Memorial Rd.,
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Fun Trampoline Ideas (Besides Jumping) in North OKC

Trampolines are tons of fun for kids and adults alike. But there's more to them than just jumping. You might not think it at first glance but trampolines can be used for much more than just bouncing around on them. What if I said that you could also play games...

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Trampoline FAQs

We understand that choosing the trampoline can raise some questions, and we're here to provide answers. Whether you're curious about materials, care tips, weather-resistance, or how to optimize your space, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and discover the world of trampolines together!

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Select from safety nets, anchor kits, and an array of other accessories to guarantee countless hours of carefree bouncing for the entire family with our trampolines in Edmond North Oklahoma.
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Experience gravity-defying fun with our trampolines at Galaxy Home Recreation in North Oklahoma! Jump, flip, and soar with confidence on our sturdy, safety-enhanced designs. From backyard adventures to heart-pounding workouts, ignite your excitement and bounce into a world of endless entertainment.

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