Winterizing your pump if you have hard plumbing, if you have hard plumbing you are not going to be able to get your pipes off to be able to take everything Inside for winter.

You can winterize your pump without actually having to take the pump off. There are 2 winter plugs on your pump that allow your water to drain out and make it safe to leave your pump outside.

There is one on the side of the housing and one on the front of the housing. Once you get the plugs unscrewed and removed place them inside of the basket so you don’t lose them.

There is also 1 drain plug on the bottom of your filter that needs to come off as well. So once you get all 3 plugs off that allows your filtration system to drain, it allows the pump to drain that way nothing will freeze over the winter.

Put your plugs inside of the basket and you’re good to go.

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