It's never fun to pull back your pool cover and see that the water has turned green and swampy. With the right chemicals and a few simple steps, it's easy to bring your pool water back to clear and sparkling.

     1) Test your pool water
     2) Shock your pool
     3) If it’s cloudy, add liquid flock and vaccum out dirty water
     4) Replace water lost

Test your pool water if your pH or Alkalinity are off they need to be adjusted first.

If the water is green use 3 times the amount of Shock every day until water is not green.

If water is clear your good treat it like a regular pool

If water is cloudy you need to flock it. It takes all the cloudiness and pushes it to the bottom of the pool.

Then you vacuum it out make sure you set the pump to waste

If you can see the bottom of the pool you may be able to use a clarifier and your filter can clean it out.

In need of more assistance? Bring a water sample to any one of our 5 locations for a free water test. Our chemical specialists will be happy to help you achieve crystal clear water. Shop our Swimming Pool Chemicals Here