Sundance 880 Series Hot Tub Filter Replacement

We show you how to replace your Sundance 880 Series Hot Tub Filter. The first thing you always want to do is turn off the power at the breaker. This is very important just incase the circulation cycle comes on and it might pull debris into the plumbing. Then you remove the lid and take the filter out. There is a nut on the right side that you turn towards the back. The shift the filter to the right and lift the filter out. Inside the filter is a micro filter that traps oil. This filter can not be cleaned so you will need to replace the filter more often. The pleated filter can be cleaned. Ready to put the filter set back inside the Hot Tub you put the flat side up against the nut first then put back in to place then turn the nut towards the water to tighten it up. Then Put on the lid and turn the breaker on and your done.

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