Common Waterway Cartridge Filter Issues

Having problems with your filter? Here are a few of the most common cartridge filter problems and how to solve them.

If you find leaks around filter housing, Take the locking ring off, take the top of the canaster off and check the O-Ring and make sure it is seated properly then put every thing back together and that normally will solve the leaking. Checking the PSI should run around 10 and 15, if it gets up to 20 take the cartridge out and rinse it and put it back in. if that doe not work it may be time the replace the cartridge.

Not getting enough presser out of the jet would be the cartridge, need cleaning or replaced.

Cleaning the tank on the pump. Turn every thing off and close all the valves, take lid off and clean out the basket and check the o-ring and tighten the lid.

We always recommend checking the owner’s manual for your specific pool filter as you may find install and care instructions that are unique for your specific brand and size pool filter.

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