The Tribeca Collection: Chic, Urban, Modern Outdoor Living

Our customers came to us wanting to create the perfect backyard setting to go with their contemporary home and spacious outdoor living area.

They came into our Broken Arrow location and loved the Seattle Collection by Patio Renaissance for its natural downtown feel, but they decided the Seattle’s aesthetic wasn’t exactly right for their home’s exterior design.

Feeling a little discouraged, they asked our design consultant if we had any other outdoor furniture that might fit the luxurious contemporary outdoor living dream they had in their heads. She was happy to help! She handed them the Patio Renaissance catalog.

They flipped through the pages of the catalog, ogling the beautiful patio set styles from traditional to tropical and everything in between. Finally, they stopped on the Tribeca Collection’s page. It checked all the boxes for them, urban, chic, and luxurious!

They decided to order a little bit of everything, chaise lounges to place by the pool, swivel chairs and coffee tables to create chatting areas for their guests, a dining set to enjoy their brunch in the open Oklahoman air, and a sofa sitting area for their family to gather and visit.

After creating their order with the help of our design consultant and waiting the few weeks for their patio furniture to arrive, it was time for our installation crew to make their dreams a reality. The anticipation was finally coming to an end and our customers were able to see everything come together seemlessly.

It was our pleasure here at Galaxy to help make this gorgeous outdoor living space a dream come true. The couple plans on spending a lot of time lounging outside by the pool and can’t wait to have their friends and family over!

Tribeca by Patio Renaissance
Tribeca by Patio Renaissance
Tribeca by Patio Renaissance

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