A luxury hot tub with powerful jets, plenty of seating, and high-end features, that’s what our customer was hoping to find when he walked into our Oklahoma City showroom.

This customer was looking for a spa experience that would enhance his guests’ stay at his lakeside hotel. With so many of our hot tubs checking all the boxes for him, it was difficult for him to choose.

With the help of one of our hot tub experts, he came down to two different options: the Jacuzzi 245 and the Nordic Encore LS. Both hot tubs were within budget. Both models had the seating capacity he was looking for, the 245 seating just one more than the Encore with its 6 person capacity, and both spas had the ambient features he wanted for his guests, like the cascade waterfall and multi-colored LED lighting.

So what ultimately sold him on the Encore LS? The jets! The Encore LS boasts a whopping total of 52 jets while the J-245 compares with 35 jets. Those 52 jets pull power from one 2hp pump and one 3hp pump. The J-245 compares with two 2.5hp pumps. The Encore’s no-float lounger seat was a plus and the positioning of the jets was perfect, too, as they target not only the back, but the neck, legs, and hips, as well. He knew then that the power of relaxation that the Encore LS offers would have his guests coming back season after season.

Since we already had this hot tub in stock, as we do with most of our hot tubs, it wasn’t long before our team was ready to install. Our customer was delighted by how quick and hassle-free the installation was, which took only one day.

Now, our customer is ready to delight his guests with the relaxation and luxury of the Nordic Encore LS with the peace of mind that he explored his options and found the perfect tub for his lakeside retreat.

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