As the season transitions and the temperature rises, it’s time to plan on how to beat the summer heat. Swimming pools are a popular choice during the hotter months, and it’s easy to understand why with the array of options available. A swimming pool can transform your backyard into a serene oasis. However, when deciding on the right pool for you, several factors come into play. For many households, an above ground pool is the ideal solution.

Above ground pools are installed and positioned above the ground surface, in contrast to inground or semi-inground pools that require excavation and permanent installation. Yet, the advantages of above ground pools go beyond this distinction.

1) Cost-Effective 

One of the significant benefits of an above ground pool is its affordability. Compared to other types of pools, purchasing and installing an above ground pool is generally less expensive. Installing an inground pool involves excavation, pool structure installation, and landscaping, which is a time-consuming process. On the other hand, above ground pools are simpler to install and don’t require excavation. This saves both money and time during the initial purchase and installation.

2) Simplified Maintenance 

Another advantage of above ground pools is the reduced maintenance they require compared to inground pools. Due to their smaller size, above ground pools need less water, fewer chemicals, and less cleaning. Additionally, they have fewer components to maintain compared to inground pools. Above ground pools are also easier to winterize and prepare for the off-season, resulting in long-term time and cost savings.

3) Space Efficiency 

In terms of yard space utilization, above ground pools are superior to most inground pools. If you have a small backyard or prefer not to permanently allocate space for a pool year-round, an above ground pool is an excellent option. Since it is not a permanent fixture, you can easily remove or relocate an above ground pool when you need more space in your backyard.

4) Enhanced Safety 

Above ground pools are typically installed on a flat surface or a sturdy structure like a deck. Many of them require a ladder for entry due to their elevated position. This inherent elevation adds an extra layer of safety, preventing small children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. Furthermore, many above ground pools come with locking gates or fences, further enhancing safety by restricting unauthorized access to the pool area. In contrast, inground pools are often at ground level, making them harder to secure and monitor and potentially increasing the risk of accidents.

Above Ground Pools in Oklahoma and Arkansas

If you’re considering adding a swimming pool to your backyard this summer, an above ground pool may be the perfect choice. Not only is it cost-effective and easy to maintain, but it also maximizes space utilization and provides added safety to your backyard oasis. With an above ground pool, you can enjoy refreshing swims throughout the summer without breaking the bank or occupying excessive space. To explore further, check out the excellent and affordable above ground pool options available at Galaxy Home Recreation. Visit our website today to discover our range of above ground pools!

Remember, in addition to offering a variety of pools and spas, we provide comprehensive pool services to keep your backyard oasis in excellent condition!