A winter Swimming pool cover is designed to protect the pool during the winter months when many above ground pools are not in use and will save you time and money come spring. It is basically a tarp with grommets around the perimeter and comes with a cable and winch to hold it in place.

First take the pool cover out of the box, open it up and thread the cable through the grommets or loops around the edge of the cover.

Next, spread out your winter cover and place it over the pool. This will be easier with at least two people. Winter covers have an overlap which means they are larger than the pool. For instance, if you have a 28 ft round above ground pool, then the cover size would be 32 ft round which gives you a 2 foot overlap all the way around.

You’ll need this extra material because the winter cover will dip down inside the pool due to the lowered water level and then overlap the pool wall.

Adjust the cover as needed to make it even all around the pool. Lastly, thread the cable into the winch pull it tight to secure the cover and turn the buckle to finish the process. Try to tuck in any extra material that is hanging down to prevent wind from getting up under the cover.

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