What Tablets and Shock should I use with Nature’s Pure?

With the Nature’s pure system you want to use NST tablets (1 per 10,000 gallons in the skimmer weekly).

Shock is also needed weekly and after heavy rain or high bather load.

  • All Shocks are applied at the rate of 1 lb/10,000 gallons.
  • Always broadcast shock into your pool with the pump on.
  • NEVER premix shock or add it to the skimmer.

You can use the following shocks with Nature’s Pure

Nature’s Pure Non-Chlorine Shock-  This is good to use every other week or when you have had a high bather load or are about to have a pool party.  It quickly oxidizes organic matter in your water and you can swim after 15 minutes.  This shock can be used any time of day.

Turbo or Rapid Shock-  This shock is good for after a heavy rain or use is every other week.  This shock has a high pH and will gradually add to your calcium hardness level.  Do not use this shock if you already have a Calcium Hardness level higher than 350 ppm.  This shock is more effective if you add it after sun down so it has overnight to work before the sun burns it off.

Quick Swim Oxidizer-  This shock is a combination of Non-Chlorine shock and Dichlor.  This is a great shock to use on a weekly basis.  You can add this shock any time of the day and swim after 15 minutes.  The Dichlor part of this shock is pH neutral and this shock will not affect the calcium hardness of your pool.

Dichlor Shock-  This shock is pH neutral and won’t effect the Caclium Hardness of your water.  You can alternate this shock weekly with Nature’s Pure Non-Chlorine Shock and use this shock after heavy rains.  Dichlor shock is more effective if you add it at sun down so it has overnight to work before the sun burns it off.

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