Have you ever laid back in your hot tub, looked up at the stars, and thought, “What could be better than this? Believe it or not, your hot tub experience could get even better with the right accessories. This list of must-have accessories will make your tub more energy efficient, easier to maintain, and even more fun to use. 

Cover Valet™ Spa Side Umbrella 

Cover Valet red Spa Side Umbrella with Base near hot tub

The Cover Valet umbrella looks stylish and is easy to operate. It features a 360-degree swivel for easy placement and comes fully assembled and ready to enjoy. 

A spa umbrella will increase the number of days you can use your tub per year. Imagine relaxing under the warm jets while listening to a gentle rain tap on the umbrella above you.

The Cover Valet is made from durable, fade- and mildew-resistant Weathershield fabric for protection from rain or snow or just a little extra privacy. It comes in two colors — Navy and Shadow.

CoverMate III

hot tub spa with opened cover

A hot tub cover is essential. Covers keep your water clean and prevent excessive energy use. But taking the cover off and on and finding a place to put it while you’re in the tub can be a hassle, especially if you’re using the hot tub alone. CoverMate III solves all those problems. 

The CoverMate III is a hydraulic cover lift that does the work for you. It requires only 6 inches of clearance behind the tub and just 5 inches on each side. It is Euro-styled to hide mounting hardware and provide a clean, seamless look. The Cover Mate III is also available with extended pivot arms for spas that are larger than 8 feet long or wide.

Confer Spa Storage Step

Keeping the area around your spa tub neat and tidy is just as important as cleaning the inside. But where do you store all those cleaning chemicals and small accessories? 

The Confer Spa Storage Step is two must-have accessories in one. First, it provides safe, stable steps for getting into taller spas, and second, it contains a large hidden storage compartment. 

Confer Spa Step with Storage with closed hot tub

The removable storage compartment offers nearly 3000 cubic inches of storage space. It is deep enough to hold bottles of cleaning chemicals, and the divided compartment makes it easy to safely store towels and other accessories.

SmartBar Spa Side Table with Drawer

“But where do I put my drink?” You’ll never hear that question again when you install the SmartBar spa side table complete with the convenient SmartDrawer. 

The SmartBar features a slip-resistant finish to prevent drinks and valuables from shifting. Store your phone, keys, and other small accessories in the drawer while resting beverages on a flat, non-skid surface outside of the hot tub. 

The SmartBar is easy to install and comes with the necessary mounting brackets. It is designed to be removable if needed or stay put for permanent use.

Water Tech™ Volt Cordless Rechargeable Spa Vacuum

woman is cleaning hot tub with Cordless Spa Vacuum

Spa maintenance isn’t complicated, but let’s face it, every cleaning job is better with cordless tools. The Water Tech spa vacuum is more powerful than traditional wand-style cleaners. It works for hot tubs, spas, inflatable pools, fountains, and spot cleaning around any swimming pool. 

The Volt handles all types of outdoor debris, including leaves, sand, dirt, gravel, and even algae. It offers 40 minutes of run time, and its lithium battery is fully rechargeable. This cordless spa vacuum is light and easy to handle. It comes with a reusable filter bag and a four-piece sectional pool pole. 

Galaxy Living Spa Cover Cap

It’s difficult — and expensive — to find a spa cover for a unit with unusual dimensions. Standard covers may not fit on discontinued sizes or spas with unusual shapes. Custom covers are available, but the extra cost of custom work doesn’t fit into everyone’s budget. 

Spa Cover Cap on a hot tub

The Galaxy Living spa cover cap is designed to fit your spa’s exact dimensions, whatever they are. Locking drawstrings on two sides make it easy to cinch down the cap for full coverage. The mildew-resistant, waterproof fabric helps keep the water clean and reduces energy use. 

Find More Must-Have Accessories at Galaxy Home Recreation

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