In this video, we show you how to replace an In-ground Swimming Pool Pump.


If you need more help, we also have a step-by-step guide for you below:

  • Turn off the breaker that supplies power to the pump and then disconnect the wires at the back of the pump. Safety First.
  • Close the shut off valves at the front of the pump as well as the return on the filter. This will keep the water from coming through.
  • Remove the pipe at the top as well as the one in front of the pump. The motor should then be free.
  • Check the new fittings and make sure the O-ring is in place before installing them.
  • Put the new motor in place and connect the top and front fittings.
  • Reconnect the wires at the back of the pump. Be sure to check the diagram on the motor for proper wiring.
  • Flip the breaker back to the on position.
  • Open the valves and filter return. And, just like that, you’re good to go!