Galaxy Home Recreation shows you how to put together your Biltmore Ladder for an Above Ground Pool.

The BiltMore ladder system is a practical and cheap, non-slip, above-ground pool ladder system, which can provide good water circulation and increase safety. It can be installed on a swimming pool without a deck using a classic ladder or a self-locking system. The feature of this step is to set up an algae control pressurization system, which allows water to flow through the bottom of the steps, limiting the formation of algae. The step’s mounting pads will help protect your liner from step damage. These steps also add support to the back to improve stability. The ladder is turned up and secured with a padlock to form an entrance barrier to increase safety. It also provides convenient access for children, each step has 11″ high and 21″ wide ladder access.


  • Algae control booster created by increasing water flow through the bottom of the steps
  • Step pads included to help limit liner damage
  • Added support at the back of the steps for increased stability
  • Ladder swings up and secures with padlock



  • Height: 42″
  • Front Width: 25″
  • Depth: 46″


  • Height: 44″ from ground to top step
  • Width: 19″
  • Depth: 24″

Weight Capacity:

  • 350 lbs

Limited Warranty:

  • 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

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